About The Company

NIS is a specialized company in the voice dubbing production & sounds services industry
In 2003, NIS was born in Syria, and started the dubbing process for dozens of drama series, animations, hundreds of movies, and documentary films, more than 6000 dubbed hours of track record, which were aired on the most important Arab satellite channels, in addition to the Arabic speaking foreign channels on both free to air and encrypted ones.

In 2013, Based on NIS expansion vision and its10 years of successful experience in the continuously growing dubbing industry, NIS announced the establishment of a new operation branch in Cairo, Egypt.

NIS uniqueness is supported by exclusivelyholding Tazmeen system rights, within Syria and Egypt.

Tazmeen System is acomplete environment ofintelligent solutionsand software,which supports the implementation of a high quality dubbing process in a sophisticated and time optimization methodology, however, TAZMEEN SYSTEM has been designed and programmed by Syrian programming company Tazmeen.

Focusing on efficiency, NIS is a unique company through its innovative work mechanism, which resulted to achieve the highestresults in quality, speed, cost, and a production capacity of up to 60 dubbed hours / month per studio.

NiS operation is currently activewith two branches in (Damascus-Syria and Cairo-Egypt) gathering a large team of professionals in all different specialties,and all under a high spirit of motivation and team work environment.

NiS studios operate the business flow, by applying a state of the art management methodology and system, supported by an international standardized setups, and complies with the industry approved registration system (Steinberg/Nuendo) &(Pro Tools).

NiS owns a huge library of Syrian and Egyptian Dubbing artists'voices samples.

NiS looks forward to provide its services in the dubbing industry to all satellite channels,artistic production and audio distribution companies.

NIS is willing to share its innovative experiences in managing the process of dubbing to its partners in this region, the Arab world and the world, while ethically believing that the industry must be built on the concept of participation, to replace the concept of cancellation, in order to build a mature market combining tradition and modernity.