Compensable Waiting

- The artist's presence for the recording session ahead of the set appointment

- The artist is granted the privilege of "Compensable Waiting"

- It starts from the recording session appointment until the artist gets into the studio

- The "Waiting" time fee is added to the due hourly fee

Missing appointments by NiS is compensable

- in case NiS calls off the recording session

- after the artist had arrived in the company's premises

- the recording session fee shall be fully compensable

- the artist obtains a recording session ticket

- the time of which is the same for the session, which has been agreed upon when booking an appointment

Technical error is compensable

- In case of any potential technical error during the recording session

- The session time remains effective till the fault is fixed and continuing the recording session

- when there is technical error, the interval time is added

- to the due hourly fee of the session

Transportation allowance

The company pays artists a steady allownace for every recording session, no matter how long it takes

- This allownace is added to the due fee for every session

Missed recordings and corrections are compensable

- In case the company finds errors or missed recordings in some utterances in previous sessions

- The session time remains effective when updating the missed recordings or corrections

- This marginal time is added to the due hourly fee

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